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The Forbidden Bookshelf is excited to be having Joely Sue Burkhart stopping by to talk about The Blood & Shadows series! You’ll get to read read excerpts from the books, and get a little more insight into each installment from Joely herself. PLUS, one event commenter will win the entire trilogy in digital format and one other commenter will win a $10 Amazon eGC!


Friday, April 5 – 8, 2012 (including this post)


This series event is for readers who love the erotic fantasy romance genre, who want to try something different, or who are simply a huge fan of Joely Sue Burkhart!!


Where do I even begin?

Within pages of me reading book one, The Rose of Shanhasson, I knew I had stumbled upon something so unlike anything I’ve ever read before. I was immediately – and I mean immediately – captivated. So much so that I literally skipped studying for finals (I know, bad girl), bought the next two installments in the series, and camped out in my study reading, reading, reading, until I went through all three books within 24 hours!!

When I closed the cover to my Kindle, dried my eyes a little more, I reached out to Joely and asked her to stop by the blog because I knew this was a series that erotic fantasy romance lovers just had to be aware of.

~ Series Overview ~

What To Expect:

This is a series that is truly about love, but written in a way that forces you to see that life is composed of a myriad of ups and downs, hardships and triumphs, life and death.

So is this trilogy truly fall under the genre of romance? Hmm.. I guess that depends on your definition of romance. I, personally, believe the trilogy can be considered romance  for the fact that love and passion are present and prevalent, and at the very core of the book theme and storyline. Romance *is* love, and love is sacrifice, acceptance, and unconditional.

With that being said …

This is a series that will make you feel and cry … A LOT! Main characters die, but for reasons crucial to the theme of the story. But you will never be left with a feeling of hopelessness or abandonment, for the characters never really “leave”.  Additionally, with every down, there is an up. Not to mention, you will also laugh and feel nice and warm from copious amounts of seduction! :)

Every consecutive book repeats one significant line:

“Love, the greatest gift of all and the greatest sacrifice.”

I will never forget this line. It’s embedded in my conscience. The theme of the story is so tightly wrapped around this phrase, so consistently portrayed, and is what drives the arcing plot, the characters, and nearly every event of the books.

Erotic & Story Elements (over the course of the three books):

Explicit sex, BDSM, torture, violence, sadomasochism, menage (and more), blood.

Writing Style:

Joely Sue Burkhart has a fabulous writing style in my opinion. Easy to follow, great pace, good (and even unique) dialogue, and she seriously knows how to write fantastic, dynamic characters that seem to jump from the page! Both character-driven and plot-driven readers will love this trilogy!!

What Makes It Unique?

The setting: Creative, imaginative, and almost medieval-like: Castles, warfare, clothing, and more….

The characters: Utterly unique. I honestly am not sure how to describe the characters and the segregation of the people and be able to do them justice, but I will say that the hero(es) and heroine are absolutely enjoyable and without question, three-dimensional! The antagonist(s) are outside forces, story villains, and even the protagonists themselves!

The males are alpha, and so damn yummy!! *swoons* The heroine is someone that you can’t help but admire and really like.

The heat level: Yum! Perfect balance. You’ll find m/f and m/f/m throughout the books. Loads of sexual tension as well!

Erotic Elements (over the course of the three books):

Explicit sex, BDSM, violence, sadomasochism, menage (and more), blood. (Definite D/s and S&M elements)

Blood!: Blood and honor are tied hand-in-hand in these stories. For those readers who love great love bites (with a deeper meaning), here you go! :)

The spiritual parallels: For the spiritual people out there, I guarantee that you will see so many spiritual connections it’s not even funny.

The fantasy world: The tribes are spiritual people, and the plot and characters are driven by destinies that are to be fulfilled at all costs.

How To Read:

Start at the beginning!! Don’t even attempt to jump in somewhere else. You won’t “get it”. You’ll miss soooo much! This is a series that absolutely needs to be read in the following order:

1. The Rose of Shanhasson

2. The Road to Shanhasson

3. Return to Shanhasson

Recommended For:

  • Character-driven readers
  • Plot-driven readers
  • Erotic romance readers
  • Erotic, fantasy romance readers
  • Fans of alpha males and kick-ass heroines {all of which have vulnerabilities}
  • Erotic readers who aren’t afraid of D/s, S&M, menage, and blood. And, good Lord is it HOT! :)
  • Any erotic romance reader who is not afraid to feel!!! You will cry; you will laugh; you will feel seduced. You will experience every pain and triumph of the characters because they are written that damn good!!

Ready to start the series? Great! Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Block time out of your schedule because you’ll get sucked in – and won’t want to stop.
  • Bring a box of Kleenex – maybe two.
  • Drop me a line!!! I would love to hear what you thought. Seriously.

In Closing:

I’ve read all three of the stories three times each now, and each and every time that I do, I feel the powerful emotions come rushing back to me. I’m the type of reader that it takes a lot to make me bawl and laugh-out-loud, but I do … still, when re-reading this trilogy. Joely definitely knows how to create three-dimensional characters and worlds that seem so unbelievably lifelike, with emotions so palpable.

I have no doubt that if you are an erotic romance reader who isn’t afraid to take the angst with the good, who enjoys a fantastical world filled with trials and tribulations, loves spiritual parallels, loves some of the most sexy alpha males, a heroine that is damn near strength personified, kick-ass and enjoyable, who enjoys all the erotic elements I listed above, and who simply enjoys walking in the realm of “different”, then you will enjoy these books!

Still not convinced? Don’t just take my word for it! :)

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