• Story
  • Heat

By Abigail Barnette
Series: Canis Clan, #2
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing
Release Date: April 2012
Length: 35,557 words

A low-born, half-breed who is more human than wolf, Henry Barley has never been able to ignore the cruelties visited upon the human servants at Blackens Gate. Powerless to stop the abuses perpetrated by his clan members, he knows he can save one… but rescuing her might test his vow to never love a human.

At first viewing Blackens Gate as an escape from the poverty of her village, Ursula finds a much harsher reality inside the castle’s walls. With a secret she must guard at all costs, she must place her life in the hands of a wolf, and the only man who has ever treated her with kindness and respect.

Though he owes the ruler of Blackens Gate his very life, Henry cannot leave Ursula to her dark fate. In accepting his help, Ursula places her trust in a man she knows she should fear, and Henry must face a foe even greater than Lord Canis himself—a woman who needs him, and who may even come to love him.

I took one look at the cover & was sure it would be something a Grandmother would enjoy reading with the lovey dovey romance storyline – yes I tend to select my books by cover first & then read the back to see if it’s likely to be something i’d like!

To my surprise the story was really well written, better than I expected & I didn’t want to stop reading once I started. The main character, Raf, was very captivating! He was strong, compassionate, confident & a half blooded wolf shifter which was perfect for the lead character! He was also the perfect gentleman which fit the era perfectly.

Raf had a hard life growing up and keeps to himself but when he finds a maid who has been sexually abused by one of the full blooded wolves, he knows he has to help her get to safety or her fate will end up as his own mother’s had. He is determined to help her get to safety to protect the child that is growing in her.

Ursula is the other main character, the maid. She was sent to the kingdom by her family thinking she’d have a better life there but ends up being raped & impregnated by a wolf who intends to use her, take the babe once born & kill her.

As a character, Ursula annoyed me, she definitely acted like the poor ‘woe is me’ type female & I had trouble liking her due to her not wanting to help herself. I understand she’s reluctant to trust the half blood wolf or any other wolf but she seems to like making life difficult – I think she really needed a stronger backbone – I figured after everything she’d gone through she’d have toughened up some.

The story was very romantic, the sex scenes that I found were very mild & sweet only coming at the end of the book. They’re nothing to write home about though & definitely something my Grandmother would enjoy reading!

I think i’ll have to read book 1 though to see how everything came to be but definitely an enjoyable read for those who enjoy the damsel in distress romances where a knight in shining armour comes to the rescue – as for the heat it wasn’t anything to get you ‘revved up’ – just sweet, thoughtful & romantic lovemaking – definitely very mild :)

Reviewed By: Kel P