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  • Heat

By Cheryl Dragon
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing
Release Date: April 2012
Length: 15,000 words

A plus-size woman with a big mouth and power over the dead can’t fall for an old-fashioned vampire who loves curves. But when an evil vamp is out there killing humans, she’ll take all the help she can get. From lavish New Orleans costume parties to the bayou swamps, she won’t stop until one vamp is dust and the other is under her spell because there’s no way she’ll fall under his!

I’m gonna start by saying this book got me a bit excited from the beginning, there aren’t nearly enough books out there where the main character isn’t perfectly slim & perky all over. :) This book was a great start with that – strong, independent, Necromancer, Kitty, is a very happy, healthy size 16-20 – depending on the day!

Kitty comes from a family of Voodoo women but was blessed or maybe cursed with being a necromancer rather than a voodoo worker! She’s teamed herself up, although not enthusiastically, with a 200 + year old vampire, by the name of Christian who obviously has it pretty bad for her. They work together to wipe out the rogues who kill humans. Christian hosts parties where vampires & humans can mingle & share sex and/or blood safely.

Bodies start turning up thanks to a new Rogue, which causes Kitty & Christian to spend a lot more time together – being as old fashioned as he is, Christian has decided he has to woo Kitty to show her that even though she hates evil vampires, he’s definitely not evil. As far as he’s concerned, she’s PERFECT for him & he knows she’s intrigued by him to keep coming back, no matter the excuses she comes up with.

The idea for the story was exciting, although a little predictable but enjoyable none the less. The characters we well written & easy to get inthralled in.  Sadly for me, the story was all over too soon, I knew what would happen & it happened too quickly for me & there was no suspense or lead up to events.  It would probably have made an excellent story had it been a full length novel where you could get to know the characters a little more deeply & the story could have been stretched out so that everything wasn’t happening all at once & then over before you realised it.

If you don’t have a lot of time for long books then definitely pull this one out for a read it – it’s got action, adventure, blood, sex & romance all tied in together to make it interesting & keep you turning pages. I struggled with the rating on this, I wanted to go with 3.5 because of how soon it ended & how quickly everything went (I read it start to finish in less than an hour) but thinking I’m swinging to a 4 because the story kept me reading until it was finished!

Reviewed By: Kel P