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By Tessa Wanton
Publisher: Naughty Nights Press
Release Date: March 2012
Length: 23,865 words

Ellie Cassidy is a confident and efficient Executive PA with an extremely demanding boss, Mark. Ever capable, she knows that he would be lost without her, but what Ellie doesn’t realize, is quite how much he does need her. One day when she is locking up the office for the evening, she is abducted and subjected to an experience that changes her life forever. Mysteriously tortured in a most unexpected way, terrified beyond anything she had ever felt before, she discovers that some agony is sweet enough to stir her, even against her will.

Shocked by the turn of events, Ellie grows closer to her captor – her boss – and a torrid love affair sizzles between them, showing just how deep Mark’s passion for her runs. Experimenting with new and exciting erotic situations, she is shown a world of delight, filled with laughter and tickling, and other kinky pleasures. Wrapped up completely in Mark, she falls deeply in love with him, until one fateful weekend when he reveals a deep, dark secret which threatens to destroy everything between them – and everything she had ever known about him.

Laughter, terror and high-heeled shoes abound in this tale of discovery and love, never before has tickling been so appealing! But, one final question stands in the way of their everlasting happiness. Will Ellie be able to overcome the shattering revelation that Mark has to declare?

The blurb had me at tickling.  Honestly, I do NOT like being tickled, but the idea of tickling as a way to dominate someone is intriguing.  This story is about Ellie, a personal assistant who enters a D/s relationship with her boss, Mark.  They had secretly lusted after each other for a while, and Mark finally did something about it.  He kidnaps Ellie and has his way with her – he ties her up and tickles her unmercifully!  Of course, Ellie is shaken by the experience, mainly because she was so turned on by being helpless to Mark’s wicked fingers.  The event also awakens a submissive desire in Ellie that continues to grow as her relationship with Mark deepens.

TICKLED PINK is a fresh and fun story.  This is the first BDSM romance I’ve read where the dominant has a tickling fetish, and I thought the author did a great job of showing how tickling can be used in a power exchange relationship.  The main characters, Mark and Ellie, complimented each other well.  Their chemistry was emotional as well as sexually-charged.  I won’t give away spoilers, but my one complaint with the story was Mark’s dark secret/fear at the end.  I don’t know – it seemed rather questionable to me, especially since he kidnapped Ellie to begin their D/s relationship.  Overall, I enjoyed reading TICKLED PINK.  Even with the tickling, it was a sexy and sensual tale to get lost in.

Reviewed By: Diana