By Kris Norris
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing
Release Date: March 2012
Length: 58,686 words

If two’s company and three’s a crowd, then four is bound to be…deadly.

Special Agent Reese Bailey has a new assignment…one not under the jurisdiction of the federal bureau. She’s been hired to identify the person trying to kill the members of one of the hottest rock bands hitting the charts, and three of the hottest men she’s ever laid eyes on. Keeping her distance would be hard if she wasn’t certain they’d come to the same conclusion as all her past encounters…she’s just too different to make the cut.

Mace, Nash and Landon aren’t sure what to think of the incredibly smart federal agent who walks into their life, and into their hearts, they only know she’s the one they’ve been waiting for. It’s clear she’s a professional, not to mention a child prodigy who can read their body language while figuring projectile paths in her head. And she’s not one to mix duty with pleasure.

But they aren’t taking no for an answer, not when their souls are on the line. Reese proves to be everything they’ve ever imagined and more. But the stakes are higher than any of them realize and if she can’t track down the stalker in time, the boys won’t be the only ones playing for keeps.

This book combined a hot, sexy rock band with kindle-gripping suspense and edge-of-
your-seat action. Donʼt forget the hot, steamy sex scenes! I loved it! The book revolves
around a trio of sexy rockstars – Mace, Landon, and Nash. (hot names, even!) They are
being threatened by an admirer. Bring in FBI profiler, Reese Bailey. She is currently on
leave while rehabbing an injury she received on the job, and is asked by her boss to
take on the guysʼ case as a personal consultation.

I love reading about rock bands, and I love reading about FBI profiling – I, personally,
think it is so interesting. And Kris Norris did a fabulous job of adding details and enough
description that you could tell Reese was good at her job. So we have suspense, we
have action, and we have a hot rock band. Just all that combined makes for a great
story in my mind. Now, add in the fact that the three men found out awhile ago they like
to share their women, and really only feel complete when they do. Hot! Could Reese be
that woman? The guys seem to think so the minute she walks in the house. But, will
Reese be willing and able to fall in love with three men?

As the men continue to be harassed and almost killed by their stalker, Reese does her
best to protect them and figure out who is behind the attacks. Meanwhile, the four come
together inevitably and the results are hot, hot, hot! Who doesnʼt love a good menage?
And what woman doesnʼt fantasize about three hot men at once? The writing is
fabulous and we get to know the characters and their back stories in a short amount of
time. I loved the contrasts between the men and what each one offered to the

Norris does a wonderful job of intertwining the action, suspense, romance, and sex so
that it all works together and forms an amazing erotic romantic suspenseful story. The
description and details are well written so there is never any info dump, but we can still
picture what is happening. I was drawn into the story almost immediately and fell in love
with the characters.

4 out of 5 stars for the story. Heat is 5 out of 5. There is no m/m in here – Reese gets all
the menʼs attention. The sex scenes are not all strictly 3 on 1, however. There is straight
m/f as well as m/f/m.

Reviewed By: Mandy

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