• Story
  • Heat

By Melinda Barron
Series: Sons of Gunnmarr, #3
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing
Release Date: April 2012
Length: 26,000 words

With nothing but his trusty sword for company, Egill, the youngest son of King Gunnmarr, savors the erotic dreams he’s been experiencing of late—a mysterious woman that pleasures his body, yet shields her face from his view. Then one day he finds a naked woman by the pond—a woman who looks exactly like the witch who banished him to Hel eons ago. She claims to be his dream lover, but Egill doesn’t know if he can trust the words of a witch…

Abella has traveled through dimensions to right the wrong committed by her ancestor a millennium past. By helping Egill find his brothers and defeat their evil father, she hopes to lift the ancient curse that imprisons the siblings. Despite the looming danger, and Egill’s refusal to see her as anything other than a witch, Abella still can’t help but submit to the desires she harbors for the man she’s come to love in her dreams.

Will Egill and his brothers finally defeat their evil father once and for all? Or will King Gunnmarr seize his sons’ last chance at happiness?

Hunted is the third book about the Sons of Gunnmarr, where Egill has been having dreams about Abella. He wishes for her to be real not really expecting she would actually show up. Abella is a witch that is trying to correct a wrong her ancestor did against Egill and his brothers.

This book did let you know what was going on and the other brothers and their respective ladies show up quite a bit toward the end. I was a little surprised by the ending as there was a twist that I did not expect at all. I loved the relationship between the brothers and the ladies, especially when they all got together.

I had to laugh at some of the reactions that Egill had when Abella started telling him about our time. These men had been in a segregated section of the equivalent of the Norse god’s realm since the times of the Vikings. The author wove a bit of the mindset of the Norsemen along with our time in the story and did it well.

Reviewed By: Lady Raven