By Bianca Sommerland
Series: The Dartmouth Cobras, Book #2
Release Date: May 2012
Length: 149,607 words

Silver Delgado has gained control of The Dartmouth Cobras—and lost control of her life.

Hockey might be the family business, but it’s never interested Silver. Until her father’s health decline thrusts responsibility for the team he owns straight into her hands. Now she has to find a way to get the team more fans, and establish herself as the new owner. Which means standing up to Dean Richter, the general manager and the advisor her father has forced on her. The fact that their ‘business relationship’ started with her over his lap at his BDSM club shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Their hot one night stand meant nothing! But how can she earn his respect when he sees her as submissive? Can they separate work and the lifestyle she’s curious to explore?

Balancing her new life away from Hollywood, living among people who see her as the selfish Delgado princess, has her feeling lost and alone until Landon Bower, the Cobras new Goalie slips into her life and becomes her best—and only—friend. The time they spend together makes everything else bearable, but before long his eyes meet hers with more than friendship, reflecting what she feels. Which could ruin everything.

Two Dominant men who see past her pretty mask and the shallow image she portrayed to the flashing cameras. A gentle attack from both sides that she can’t hope to block unless she learns how to play.

But she’s getting the hang of the game.

Silver Delgado learns the hard way in this book just who it is that she can trust. Friends are hard to find but she does find one in Landon. As she learns her way through all the ins and outs of being the owner of a hockey team Silver finds herself learning about her own self as well. She has a lot of growing up to do and she must do it quickly. Only time will tell if the trust that her father put into her was a good thing or not. With the help of Landon and Dean Silver comes into her own and things may just work out for her this time.

I truly enjoyed this book and the character development throughout the story. Silver proves that she is much more than just a pretty face. She is smart and talented in more ways than one and shows many people that you cannot judge a book by its cover. Landon and Dean are both Doms and great men but so different from one another. Yet they both love Silver and compliment each other and work well together. The friendship that the two men develop was a wonderful read. I loved seeing that the two men loved Silver enough to not only fight for her but to also never give up on her. Silver does a lot of soul searching as well as growing up with the help of her men. This is a great continuation of this series. I loved that we continue to see all the previous characters and players from the first book. The interaction between Silver and Oriana was nice and I hope that we get to see more of the sisters connecting in the next books. The author pulls you into a wonderful world right from the start and does not let the reader go, even at the end I did not want to leave. I am eagerly awaiting the next book in this series.

Reviewed By: Gabrielle