By Destiny Blaine
Series: Trouble in Paradise, Book #1
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing
Release Date: April 2012
Length: 19,000 words

Annabelle Agnew is a gal with money to burn and too much time on her hands. Known to pull all sorts of capers while visiting her family’s summer home, Annabelle pushes the limit when she returns to Tybee Island to celebrate her recent college graduation.

News of Annabelle’s arrival is the talk of the town, and the first round of citizen complaints soon reaches the police department. Darren and David Shanks, two officers and brothers, are sent to deal with the unruly hellcat and her obnoxious friends. Darren and David reconnect with the young woman they’ve known for several years and devise a quick and quite intimate scheme.

The Shanks brothers realize Annabelle Agnew isn’t the same young woman they’ve known for most of their lives. There’s something different about her and they’re pretty sure they know what. Hard-core Doms, they recognize a submissive woman when they see one. Instead of reading the sexy vixen her rights, they decide to taunt her and see if she puts up a fight. And the crimes Annabelle commits are certain to lead two officers to cuff and stuff her in a way they’ll all enjoy.

A short, fun treat to read, Cuffed and Stuffed has romance, hot cops, an underground
BDSM club, and a sweet menage. Colby and David are brothers and cops. They live
together in a beachfront condo where they can sit on the deck and stare at the house of
the girl of both their dreams, Annabelle Agnew. She is blonde, gorgeous, rich, and some
kind of half-celebrity. I never quite figured out which. She just graduated from Julliard,
and hangs around with A-list celebs. In the book, Annabelle is returning home to Tybee
Island for the summer, with an entourage of models, rappers, and actors. The local
police chief is worried about the past antics of Annabelle and her entourage, and
assigns the Shanks brothers to keep an eye on her. In the last couple years, Annabelle
has acquired quite the rap sheet, and the boys canʼt seem to believe she is guilty of all
the charges sheʼs been accused of.

The whole first part of the book is learning the backstory of our 3 main characters. We
also learn that Annabelle and the boys shared an encounter the summer before and left
the boys wanting for the last year. She returned to Tybee Island this year with the
intention of finally following through.

They all grew up together and have been friends since childhood, but Annabelle just
turned 21. We never learn how old the boys are, and I found myself wondering if they
were older than she, or the same age. Annabelle teases them for most of the story,
before the boys finally have had enough and quit playing games. Both guys are Doms
and want Annabelle to be their sub. The one, hot sex scene at the end of the book
involves a tiny bit of a Dom/sub interaction. Then the book just ends. We know
Annabelle wants to be with both men, we know each man thinks of marriage with
Annabelle, but I couldnʼt help but wonder how that would all work out. And the book
ends before we get a chance to find out.

All in all, this was a short and hot read. I wish it were longer, so the characters could
have been fleshed out a little more, so we could grow a little more attached to them, and
maybe find out how the summer ended. A nice little, summer read for some hot, kinky
fun though. 3 out of 5 stars, and the heat factor is also 3 out of 5. Only one real sex
scene, and not until the end, but itʼs a good one.

Reviewed By: Mandy

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