By Morgan Fox
Series: Cowboys and Werewolves, #1
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Release Date: Feb 2012
Length: 150 pages

Sheriff Silence Foster had everything under control in the quaint town of Silent Falls, until a group of rogue lycans begins raining terror down upon the people she’s sworn to protect.

Billionaire cowboy and land developer Walker Helmsley has plans for Silent Falls, but returning to his hometown could prove dangerous as family secrets begin to unfold, marking him for certain death.

Cattle rancher Lance Hickman is attacked by lycans, and a supernatural force begins an immediate transition. Once conscious, he catches the scent of his mate.

Primal passions erupt, leaving these virile men craving Silence and fighting for their lives. Together, they must uncover the mysteries of Silent Falls before it kills them all.

Lance Hickman gets attacked by rogue lycans and bitten. Sheriff Silence Foster comes to his rescue but is too late to save him from the effects of the bite. She is herself a lycan and it turns out that Lance is her mate. Then enters billionaire Walker Helmsley her ex boyfriend who left Silent Falls years earlier to make his fortune in land developing. They are both still wildly attracted to each other. Walker doesn’t like it one bit that he can do nothing about the fact that Silence and Lance are mates. Should he pack up his bags and go back home leaving the woman he loves in the arms of another man? Or is he man enough to stick around and see what can develop when the three of them commit to one another?

Craving Silence was full of mild suspense, action and romantic conflict. This was a well developed story and I really liked the interactions between the characters. The romance was messy and I didn’t know what the heroine was going to do. The love triangle between Silence, Lance, and Walker was intriguing. There were some dark family secrets revealed and some characters were revealed to be more than they seemed. I liked all the paranormal elements and thought the author did a great job weaving it all together in this romantic suspense novel. This had a sensual, animalistic heat level and I think most erotic romance fans would enjoy this story. I’m looking forward to the next book in this series.

Reviewed By: AsianCocoa