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  • Heat

By Lucy V. Morgan
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Release Date: Feb 2012

Dark. Debauched. Delicious… Is she ready to go under his knife?

Leila Vaughn is a tax lawyer at a prestigious London law firm. And a whore. She didn’t take the night job just to pay off her debts– an affair with an older man once stirred a pit of darker desires. Now her year as an escort is almost over, she’s ready to lock up her alter- ego, Charlotte, and be normal once again. What’s bad is that her colleague, Matt, just caught her out. What’s worse is that their boss Joseph is with him.

Matt wants to rescue Leila. And she should want what he does–monogamy and escape from the city–if she’s going to be normal, right? But her boss is as familiar with the slippery world of escorting as she is, and that makes him hard to resist. In London‘s tightest circles, he’s known as the Chairman of the Whored. Bold, sharp and ruthless, he’s everything Leila is trying not to be–so why can’t she say no to him?

Three jobs left before she pays off her debt. Two men playing games she can’t handle. One alter-ego, banging against the mirror. In a dark hotel room, the glass is about to break…

For Leila Vaughn, her work is her life and right now her life was pretty fantastic. Not only was she working for a great firm but she also is a shoe in for a permanent position in tax law, her dream job. But Leila has a secret; something that if she doesn’t keep it under wraps could not only take her whole life down, it could take down several other people along the way. When she is brought into the spotlight and her skeletons brought out, can she survive the fallout or will something amazing come from the inevitable fallout?

Charlotte just wants to have fun. Dirty, triple X rated, sexy fun and the hotter the better. Nothing matters to Charlotte but the next orgasm and just how she can make her partner feel. Whether its men, women or a mixture of both, Charlotte has never been able to say no, until Leila starts to try to change her. Since Charlotte is the one thing that could stand between Leila and happiness, Leila will do anything to be just like everyone else and will take down Charlotte if need be. Who will be the winning in a battle of wills between these two women, who share more than just naughty fantasies?

Joseph is the Chairman, of the Whored that is. Being Leila’s boss is just a perk of his calling, and yet everyday it gets harder and harder to stay away from this charming beauty. She doesn’t seem to know or understand that he knows her better than anyone else. He knows Charlotte and Leila and can bring the two together in such a way that Leila would never be able to walk away from him again. Joseph is willing to do anything to make Leila his, even if it means blackmailing her into admitting her feelings for him. During a night of forbidden passion, will Joseph take things a step too far or will breaking down all of her boundaries lead to something neither of them had imagined possible?

This was a fantastic book! While at times they character switches and time lapses were a bit confusing to follow, the work overall was so striking that I found it hard to put down. Being my first book from Lucy Morgan, I wasn’t sure what to expect (especially when being warned ahead of time about the knife play. Kink is great but too much pain is usually a bit too much for me), but this book not only made the sex hot the BDSM and torture sex was so well written that it flowed perfectly with the characters and how I pictured them to be. This book didn’t end at all like I expected it to, and I think because of the twister at the end really made this book stick out for me even more. I will definitely be looking for more works by Ms. Morgan, and I can honestly say that if you are looking for a book hot enough to burn up your hard drive and leave you wanting more than this is the book for you!

Favorite Passage:

She and I were a phoenix in the wreckage. Headed toward a happy ending perhaps – one beside the circles spilling into my belly. And he soared atop me, inside me, on his way to an unspoken war. Where you moonlight, you will find wolves, and your world will burn beneath them. I lay naked in the embers. Held the man made of flames. Close your eyes. It’s not all right…but maybe it’ll be okay.

A clever book once whispered to me that desire fragments the self. Charlotte must have been listening because she knew at once what that meant – to want is never shameless. We never desire just one thing at once.

Reviewed By: Ashleigh

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Author’s Website: www.lucyvmorgan.com