• Story
  • Heat

By Trinity Blacio
Publisher: Ravenous Romance
Release Date: April 2012
Length: 50,754 words

Dietrich Flade died in 1589 during the witch trials: tried as a traitor, he was reincarnated as a warrior to protect witches and warlocks. Blessed by the gods, Flade’s powers are great. Only thirteen chosen were given such an honor. But eternity can be a long time spent alone. His only desire is to have someone to stand beside him, to embrace every night in the throes of passion that only he can provide.

Gray Strongwolf has been Flade’s right-hand man for years, watching him rule with an iron hand. The first day on the job he knew his life was tied to Flade, but how, he did not know. A quiet man, but deadly when protecting those who ask for sanctum, Gray watches and waits for his destiny to be revealed.
Blair Sinclair, a natural witch from a powerful family, is on the run, determined to save her family even if it means sacrificing herself.

But her mate, alpha Jax Jagar, isn’t thrilled with her choice. He tracks her journey toward the Rapturous Celestial Sanctum in New York, but every time he is close enough to touch her, Blair slips through his fingers. Her enemies follow her too closely for Jax’s comfort. The only thing going his way is that his friend, Master Flade, will protect her until he gets there. Magic or not, she is his!

Can the three warriors claim their witch, and protect her from those who would use her gift for evil? Will Blair trust her men with her body and heart, and will Master Flade finally have his dream submissive and companions by his side for eternity?

Charmed was one of those stories that you read and end up liking, but you know it could have been better. I did like the book. The heroine, Blair, was sassy. She was confident and spoke her mind with no problems. She knew her craft and her limitations without relying on one of the men to tell her what to do. The action in the story was pretty well paced and engaging. Some of it was a little predictable, but not so much as to detract from the story. I did get a little lost at times as things about the events leading up to Blair meeting her three Triad members are left unexplained, or a quick explanation is just thrown in as an afterthought. Because of the missing back story, there were several times when I would be reading and then have to stop and try to figure out what I had missed. (When I hadn’t missed anything). And the editing in this story just about drove me bonkers. I can’t count how many times the editing would throw me out of the story completely. Missing words, extraneous letters in the middle of sentences, improper word usage, and my biggest pet peeve–calling characters by the wrong names.

As far as the heat level of the “romance”, it was definitely steamy. The story is set in a BDSM club, so there was no shortage of variety in the author’s descriptions. However, I was bothered a little by how accepting Blair was of all the sexual escapades with her multiple partners with some light BDSM thrown in. She was supposed to be sexually inexperienced, but just accepted all types of play with no qualms. And the “romance” between Blair and the three men who bonded with her (and now consider her their wife) was actually almost non-existant. For the most part, it consisted of them demanding things from her, blaming her for things she didn’t do, punishing her for those same things, and her forgiving them with little to no communication. And in between all of these “misunderstandings” Blair just accepts one sexual scene after another without a pause. It made the relationships a little hard to believe.

In the end, all of those factors combined turned a pretty enjoyable story into something that I did like, but that left me wanting. I do want to know more about the family, but I’m not sure I want to wade through all the plot holes, romantic “misunderstandings” and editing errors to find out.

Reviewed By: Breezy