By Destiny Blaine
Series: Heroes and Rogues, Book #1
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing
Release Date: March 2012
Length: 20,000 words

Sassy Road is tough, beautiful, smart, and looking for a little retribution against the stepfather who abused her.

Logan belongs to Heroes and Rogues, a small town renegade motorcycle club with a bad reputation. Only Logan isn’t exactly loyal to the MC. He’s an undercover cop who’s been in place for several years, and he’s days away from taking down rival club leader Damsel Road.

A new gal arrives at the H & R clubhouse and, after spending time with Sassy, Logan quickly realizes the newcomer is the stepdaughter of a man he is supposed to put away for life.

Unable to deny his infatuation with the lovely Miss Road, Logan’s life just became more complicated. To make the situation worse, vultures are circling. If Logan doesn’t claim Sassy as his old lady, club members will pass her around for their own twisted pleasure.

Logan refuses to see Sassy used, but when he discovers her true motive for associating with the Heroes and Rogues, he fears an intimate involvement could destroy them both. Then again, losing Sassy is a higher price than he’s willing to pay.

This book had me hooked & reading from the get go, although not a very long story, it was one I read from start to finish in 1 sitting, it just had me wanting to continue reading!

As a child & teenager, Sassy was abused. She grew up miserable, unloved & unwanted with no mother & no other family except the awful stepfather who spent his time abusing her.

When Sassy was old enough to leave, she did, she then underwent plastic surgery, personal training & a lot of self help books to get herself some confidence & a good cover to infiltrate her stepfather’s compound & take out the evil man who made her childhood a living hell.

Then there’s Logan, he’s to be her only ‘safe guarantee’ while inside a rival motorcycle club but he doesn’t know she’s coming & she has to get in close with him to help form a cover…… seems she went to primary/elementary school with him as a child – would he recognise her?

Sassy is a fantastic character, really well written, she’s full of determination, confidence & spirit. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about her life (although not pretty) but it showed everything she had gone through, what she was willing to risk to get her life in order & to destroying the man who had made her life such a living hell after her Mother’s death, when she was just 8.

Logan realises quickly who has wandered in to the clubhouse after noticing a muscle twitch in her face that he remembers from a shy little girl in elementary school & being an undercover cop he’s willing to put himself at risk to help her out as best he can.

Excellent story to read, definitely a page turner & recommended for anyone who loves a story of life changing events, love, revenge & starting fresh!

Reviewed By: Kel P

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